Monster and Illustration Workshops,

Creative Practitioner Projects

I've run activities in many educational and community settings, with ages ranging from five years old to fifty plus. I specialise in longer half and whole-day sessions and I'm happy to devise and deliver six-week projects when a school requires them. Almost all subjects can be explored with art and, with some advanced preparation time, I can tailor the content to compliment your current curriculum. Below you'll find examples of some of my workshops.

Diwali Shadow Puppets Workshop

A drop-in activity for ages 5 - 12 (younger with assistance from parents).  Use my laser-cut templates to create  characters from the Ramayana Epic. If your venue can supply a suitable screen, we can also project and perform them. Great for Diwali!

Shadow Beasts - Shadow Puppets Workshop

Another drop-in activity for ages 5 - 12.  Use my monster templates to create customised shadow puppets. Supply your own light-source and screen for extra fun. Great for Halloween!

Little Dragons

A popular drop-in activity for ages 6 - 12. Colour and construct your own palm-sized dragon head using my pre-printed A4 sheets and a split-pin fastener for the moving jaw. These dragons are customisable and, for an additional fee, I can supply extra parts inspired by the feathered dragon myths of ancient China!

Monster Masks And More

Got a school project that needs livening up? Here I use my simple but effective papercraft techniques to create horrible heads and horrendous hands with your students!

Cartoon Workshops

Chunky marker pens plus oversized paper equals fun, as I demonstrate how to draw crazy characters with your class.


Want to know how to draw a duck in a top-hat? Easy! Horse flying a zeppelin? You've come to the right man. Reluctant sketchers will be encouraged and confident young artists helped to push their imaginations to the limit.


I paint your walls. Kids help. Sometimes, the kids paint and I help. Whichever way, some people paint, some other people help. It's good!