Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire one of your monsters?


Absolutely, you can.


At the time of writing (Spring 2024) the majority of my puppets are owned and/or operated by other Arts organisations so you'll need to speak to them directly. See the Gods And Monsters section of this website for their contact details.


I have exciting plans for 2025, though, so stay tuned.

Do you need staff? Do you have work experience opportunities?


Sorry, not currently. Although, if you're Leicester-based and can stitch webbing and velcro, I'd be very interested in hearing from you.

I'm a puppeteer/performer. Can I introduce myself?


Absolutely, you can.


In all honestly though, it takes me ages to respond to inquiries and I rarely have opportunities. However, sometimes I do. You never know unless you try.

Can I have one of your monsters at my event for free if I emotionally blackmail you?


You can ask. You may not like what I suggest you go do in response. You may not be capable of doing it. You'll probably need to be double-jointed.