A Brief(ish) Biography

Hi, I'm Mr Cleaver. I'm a designer of things. Often very big things. I divide my time between theatre and illustration commissions and the construction of colossal, ceiling-scraping puppets.


I'm UK-based (Leicester, to be precise) but my work has taken me to Germany, France, Sweden, and way up into the Arctic Circle. I hope to go even further in the future.


I love Art and I'm fascinated by science. I believe the two are closely linked. I study animal anatomy (especially prehistoric reptiles) for visual and mechanical inspiration and I believe many engineering problems can be solved using Biomimetics (the observation and replication of Natural systems). I also believe in the social benefits of art and I'm regularly hired to consult with community groups and turn their ideas into reality.


My work leaves little time for much else but I do enjoy HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and may sometimes be found Longsword fencing or learning Military Sabre.