Illustration: The Subtle Art Of Drawing A Crocodile In A Pram, Wearing A Bonnet 

Granny and Red from "The Twisted Tales Of Red Riding Hood" animation by Whispered Tails.

I love taking a wild idea and waltzing it onto the page. Sometimes, it's not a page but a poster, an educational resource, a dissection diagram for a mad surgeon's laboratory or a 3-metre-long dragon boat.


I love commissions that allow me to include humour. I particularly enjoy working with academic institutions and the process of translating quite complicated concepts into clear visual representations.


I work predominantly in vector format as it allows me to scale illustrations to massive sizes for commercial print projects. However, I'm discovering an increasing love for the smears and daubs of organic art, so don't be surprised to see those creeping into my pieces into the coming years.


I can also be hired for informal Design Consultancy sessions - facilitating conversations about potential projects and generating ideas and fast, hand-drawn sketches to start the creative cogs turning.

Dragon boats for Cosmopolitan Arts' Chinese New year celebrations.

Illustrations from "Digital Media and Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Evidence" by Michelle O'Reilly, Nisha Dogra, Diane Levine and Veronica Donoso,

Greenwood Institute, School of Media, Communications And Sociology, University Of Leicester.

"Parent Champions" promotional posters and Education resources

for The Mighty Creatives and North West Leicestershire Council.

Frog characters for the "Upside Down Froghouse", Tykkimaki, Kouvala, Finland, via Farmer Attraction Development Ltd.

Double page spread from "Big Silly Silly Train", a personal project in progress by Mr Cleaver.