Illustration: The Subtle Art Of Drawing A Crocodile In A Pram, Wearing A Bonnet 

I love taking a wild idea and waltzing it onto the page. I illustrate for commercial publications, educational resources, themeparks and book covers, not to mention my own personal projects. I can be hired for Visual Note-taking (documenting meetings in sketch-form) and for cartooning workshops.


I have three main styles I categorise as Cartoon Light, Cartoon Advanced and General. Please see below for descriptions and examples.

Cartoon Advanced

This is my most time-intensive style  and takes its cues from Odilon Redon, Tim Burton and the 1980's television version of The Moomins. It features strong shadows, surreal angles, scenic elements montaged from photographs and extensive use of custom Photoshop brushes. Great for lovers of graphic novels and those who like their art a little left of the mainstream.

Cartoon Light

Cartoon Advance's playful little brother. This is a light, fun style with gentle shading and highlights. I limit the palette to keep the colour scheme strong and simple, but there's no restrictions on imagination. Cartoon Light works well for most subjects. 


General covers everything else from corporate logos to macabre, medieval medical sketches in quill pen, to friendly frogs frolicking in a Finnish lake for an upside-down children's funhouse.

Size and subject can vary dramatically. I've sketched cute cartoons for small leaflets, designed large-scale vector images for public art commissions and I've hand-painted traditional shop signs.